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What are we developing?



To share the latest developments in neuroscience and clinical psychology


To translate research into everyday, simple to follow interventions that improve our health



To share personalised insights and give you the ability to measure the effectiveness of these interventions

The future of wearables

Imagine a world where you can measure your cognitive fitness in the same way you can measure your physical fitness..

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Walk with friends

What would you want to measure?


How hard and for how long you can maintain intense concentration



How quickly can your brain  recharge after periods of intense concentration


How stressed are you on a continuous basis, how quickly can you recover from stressful events.


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Did you know...

The following factors help,
or hinder, our cognitive

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Good quality sleep is needed for body repair, consolidation of learning and memory, as well as psychological functioning.

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Exercise helps to improve blood flow to the brain, lowers levels of stress hormones and promotes good cardiovascular health.

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Physical Exercise

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Your diet plays a significant role supporting your Brain Health. A healthy balanced diet is recommended by the WHO to reduce cognitive decline.

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Stimulating your brain can create new connections between nerve cells and may even help the brain generate new cells.

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Mental Exercise

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Talking and communicating with other people keeps the mind active, working the memory and stimulating emotions.

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Social Interaction

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High alcohol consumption has a negative impact on mood, relationships and cognitive functioning.

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Excessive alcohol

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Smoking and other drugs are proven to damage not just your body but also your brain function.

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Smoking & drugs

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Untreated sensory loss leads to less stimulation to the brain and decreased social interactions.

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Sensory impairments

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Untreated Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol & Obesity can negatively impact your brain health.

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Health conditions

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