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how does it work?

huru has been designed specifically to accomodate less technically able users.

huru is 'voice first', meaning most interactions can happen intuitively, in a single step.

The huru system can be managed almost completely remotely. A family member can do setup, configuration and if they wish to, initiate all activities, events, calls and content. This can be critical for users who are less technically able, or not yet comfortable using technology.

huru technicians are on hand for guidance and technical support.

huru video call on echo show 10

huru makes supporting, and caring for your loved ones easier, safer, more secure and more of a team effort

table top strip

choose a format that is right for you..

huru on TV screen with amazon fire TV
huru on iphone
huru on echo show 10


Touch Screen 


Remote Control

huru works on smart phones, amazon smart screens and even your TV. We use the amazon system (echo show 5,8,10 and Fire TV Cube). In future we will be including google smart screens and other Android TVs.

The huru system is designed for maximum flexibility so you can adapt for your preferences: sight, sound and touch. To learn more about interface options including connection with hearing aids, please get in touch with the huru team.

the family 'circle'

A little like a digital dining room table, a safe, secure, inclusive place to catchup, help eachother out and find purpose.


The circle ensures your security, privacy and control of personal data. Only people who you directly invite can join your ‘circle’.

You can decide what privileges each circle member has. This can be especially helpful if the key person or close family would like to involve other family, friends, carers, doctors, nurses or other professionals in the network.

You can add or remove circle members, or adjust their permissions at any time, right from the app.

family circle
product format

user types

huru key person, loved one smiling lady

key person

  • The principle user, has access to all of the cognitive wellbeing content, games, activites and entertainment.

  • Send and receive messages from everyone in the circle (messages can only be sent between individuals already within the circle, this is to ensure privacy and simplify the interface).

  • Call (voice or video) anyone in their circle.

  • View and add files in the files area.

  • Complete advanced brain health assessment and receive ongoing guidance on cognitive health.

  • Complete wellness Check-in’s, Check-ins are prompted  'how are you doing' questions that can be personalised by the super user.

  • Other circle members can receive 'read receipts' when the key person completes certain activities or interacts with their device e.g. when a message is played or a reminder is received.

  • The key person can use the widest range of interfaces, amazon echo show (5, 8, 10) or amazon Fire TV Cube are recommended to access all functionality. A smartphone can be used for messaging, check-in and accessing files.

Uses the amazon
echo show (5, 8, 10), Fire TV Cube or smartphone

huru host smiling lady


  • The principle organiser. The host can setup and manage all activites, events and reminders. they can see all content on the system (with the exception of direct messages between other circle members).

  • They can message (text, voice, video) the key person, along with other circle members. 

  • Call (voice or video) the key person.

  • View and add files in the files area

  • Add or remove circle members and adjust member permissions

  • Set up the system including the echo show or Fire TV devices on behalf of the Key Person

  • Receives read receipts and Check-in reports from Key Person

  • Emergency contact for Key Person

  • Receive ongoing guidance on cognitive health and suggestions to support the Key Person

  • Pays for the service

Uses a Smartphone or tablet

huru circle member icon

(inner circle)

  • An inner circle member can setup events on behalf of the key person.

  • They can message (text, voice, video) the key person, along with other circle members. 

  • They can call (voice or video) the key person.

  • They can view and add files in the files area

Uses a Smartphone or tablet

huru login screen on phone and tablet
huru login screen on phone and tablet
huru login screen on phone, echo show 10 and amazon fire TV,


Regular 'check-in'

huru enables a daily 'check-in', asking two wellness questions. Updates are provided to family members through the app. Check-ins can be fully personalised with voice over or video from family members making it a truly personal 'how are you doing?' experience.

Assistance for daily living

Whether medication reminders, or support with the bills or shopping, huru is there to support with reminders and scheduling. Everything can be organised by a family member, directly from the app.

News, Weather and Entertainment

Scheduled and on-demand.
Experience audio books, music, Netflix, weather and your favourite news provider.

Guided Reminiscence Experience

A huru concept. The huru reminiscence experience may halt cognitive decline among users with Mild Cognitive Impairment.
We are still trialling this feature and methodology. If you or a loved one would like to be part of this ground braking study, please click on the MEMORY LANE link in the top menu bar.

Brain Games

Scheduled and on-demand brain games that are fun and stimulating

Guided Exercise

Scheduled and on-demand
exercise videos tuned to your
preference that ‘just work’

Regular, Structured social contact

Video calling that works for everyone
Scheduled Calls
Voice, video, picture and text messaging
Guidance on what to talk about and how
to look out for each other

huru assumes that all of your data is personal and private.
We use HIPPA level encryption, security and data management processes (the same used by hospitals and doctors surgeries) to ensure that it remains that way

How much does it cost?

huru is currently in 'beta' mode. We are opening up the system for free to a small number of users as part of our development. We would love to hear about your needs, or those of a loved one, or any questions or concerns you have about the product. We can't promise that you will get access just yet, but we will read every message and get back to you as soon as possible. Please use the contact form below!

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about cognitive wellbeing, staying healthy and how the huru system is playing a part in this research, please look at our MEMORY LANE study page. The MEMORY LANE study is a chance to contribute directly to cognitive wellbeing research, helping all of us avoid, or reverse cognitive decline as we age. We would particuarly like to hear from you if you have a loved one you are concerned about and you would like to sign up together.


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