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Address Sensory impairments

Untreated sensory loss leads to less stimulation to the brain and decreases social interactions, thereby increasing the chance of cognitive decline.

Hearing and sight loss is common as we age, it is important on two levels that we address these impairments.

1) Untreated hearing and sight loss leads to less stimulation to the brain and increases the chance of cognitive decline, and even dementia or earlier onset of dementia. For example, people who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems (age-related hearing loss) maintain better brain function over time than those who do not.
2) Those with untreated sight, or hearing impairments are less likely to engage socially with others, this reduced social interaction also leads to cognitive decline.

One of the key reasons we chose the alexa platform is the accessibility offered through it. Whether the multi modal interface (voice, touch and motion control), the ability to connect Bluetooth hearing aids directly, the high contrast screen, or ability to modify the frequency’s of the audio outputs. The product has been designed to be accessible to everyone.

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