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Mattress Cover

The SleepSync mattress cover adds heating or cooling to any bed.

Our unique thermal control system can cool or warm each side of the bed as low as 10°C and as high as 35°C.

Available in single and double bed options 

Suitable for domestic or commercial use including hospitals and residential homes.

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  • Improve Deep Sleep duration and quality

  • Wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning

  • Wakeup less during the night

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Healing and Recovery - The importance of Sleep  

Sleep is vital for maintaining health and healing, and is essential for a quality hospital experience.

Growth hormones, responsible for physical repair and renewal, are primarily secreted during sleep [78]. Sleep deprivation has serious impacts including decreased pain tolerance, increased immunosuppression, delayed healing, confusion, disorientation and delusions [7], higher blood pressure [9] and higher heart rate [10]. Longer term impacts include decreased performance on activities of daily living [45], lower physical functioning after release from the hospital [1112], higher overall mortality 1-year post discharge [7] and incidence of delirium [1314].

International Journal for Quality in Health Care, Volume 28, Issue 5, 10 October 2016, Pages 540–553,

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We are in the development phase with prototypes available for testing from October 2023. 
Please get in touch to register interest, find out more or make product suggestions.

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