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About Us

Enabling better brain health

At huru we are passionate about improving brain health. We all have different experiences; some have family members with dementia, others faced challenges with mental health, and others simply frustrated at not fully utilising their brain. Our top criteria for joining the team is that you are passionate about the mission. We are all engineers, scientists and medical professionals and spread across Europe, Asia and the USA, although our home is in London, UK. 

Our Story

Passionate about finding solutions to improve brain health, driven by their own experiences of dementia and stroke, Ed and Josh founded huru in 2021.

Fuelled by the belief that more can be done to improve brain health and prevent negative outcomes they left Dyson to start building huru.

By combining the latest technology with neuroscience research they started developing hardware and software and trialing what could work.

Soon after building their first product they partnered with Neurowyzer, a Singapore based neuroscience company pioneering in digital brain health assessments.  

Together along with funding from the European Regional Development Fund, partnerships with Plymouth university and accelerators linked with University College London they have translated cutting edge research into products that improve brain health. Working with individuals, universities and companies across the US, UK, Singapore and Australia, huru is ready to tackle one of the biggest challenges we face in growing old, maintaining a healthy brain...

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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