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the MEMORY LANE study


A unique opportunity to be a founding member of a team of participants in huru’s MEMORY LANE study where we explore ground-breaking tools to support healthy ageing.

You will receive over £1000 worth of support from psychologists and healthcare professionals.

As a minimum, you will leave the study with a thorough assessment of your cognitive health with recommendations on how to improve things for yourself or your loved ones.

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Our introductory webinar has now concluded. you can watch the recording here:

If you missed the webinar, but would still like to enrol in the study, please email us: or use the contact form below to receive a consent form.

Participants will receive educational content related to brain health and healthy living and be given weekly tasks to complete using the tools provided (approx 2 hrs a week at times of your choosing)


We expect the experience to be fun, engaging and informative. It will encourage you to spend time with family members and learn new things together.


The study will take place over 12 weeks



Please note that participants must pass certain eligibility criteria before being accepted into the trial group.

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Free echo show 8
+ huru 'skill'

The echo show will be used throughout the trial for video calling, receiving notifications and reminders. On completion of the trial, the echo show will be yours to keep!

Free huru app

The huru app 'talks' to the echo show device and allows video calling alongside messaging and event scheduling. The huru app securely manages any personal data and ensures all commuications are encripted. huru is designed for HIPPA compliance, the same standard used by hospitals and doctors surgeries.

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Expert Support from a Clinical Psychologist

A pyscologist will meet with you via video link at various points throughout the study. They will have oversight of the study and be available to answer any questions or concerns.

Expert support from our technical team

A technician will be available to deliver and set up the echo show device at your chosen location. They will be on hand throughout the study to help with any technical issues. We expect many of our participants to not be confident with digital products, especially the alexa (echo show devices). Dont worry, this is expected, we will be on hand to help!

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