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Webinar 1:

“Keeping your brain healthy

- the key to successful aging”

1st Oct 2021, 11am BST

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A free 1hr webinar with leading neuroscientist Dr Prem Pillay, clinical psychologist Dr Mithila Mahesh and digital health expert Dr Hannah Bradwell.


We will discuss the latest science as well as practical techniques to maintain or improve your cognitive performance.

This event is now finished, if you would like to watch the recording, please use the link below.

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Maintaining a healthy brain is critical for all of us.

When we are younger, cognitive impairment might make work a struggle, or cause embarrassment forgetting someone’s name at a party, as we get older, things get more serious.

From brain fog to dementia, we are on a mission to help everyone understand the link between their actions and their brain health, positive and negative.

Memory Lane Study

huru is currently registering participants who would like to improve their memory, recall and overall cognitive wellbeing

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